Tanya Flemister

Director, Yuma Chamber of Commerce

About Me

Tanya Flemister is the owner of SWAY Athleisure and Deja Vu. She grew up in Yuma, CO. After high school, Tanya moved away for nearly 22 years and lived in Fort Collins, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. After these travels, she landed back in Yuma about 11 years ago and has been here ever since. 

 Tanya is deeply invested in the community. Her family owns a ranch south of town that has always been a part of her life. She is also a local business owner, an active church member, and volunteers her time to serve several organizations within Yuma County. 

 Tanya has a degree in public relations and has worked within the industry for several years. She has tons of experience organizing events and can’t wait to foster excitement for Yuma and the businesses within the area. 

 Having been self-employed and a business owner for the past 20 years. She understands the needs of the community, our business owners, and is extremely excited to contribute to the community through her new role with the chamber.


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