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Participation in our member directory and community events puts your business in front of potential customers that are looking for services just like yours. As a business community, we must stay relevant. Frequent utilization of this website is a great tool for your professional practices!


We provide our members with a number of resources, to help promote and grow, such as educational classes, advertising, sponsorship opportunities, information on the local area, and much more!


The Chamber strives to create strong connections with its members. Holding monthly meetings is important in building and maintaining personal relationships between members and organizations. We seek any opportunity to connect our members to potential growth.

Chamber Member Application

In order to get started, please tell us what type of membership applies to you or your organization. Below is a list and description of options.


Membership Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a Chamber of Commerce and what is its purpose?

A Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization originally designed to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place.

Who represents the Yuma Chamber of Commerce?

There is a volunteer board, currently made up of 11 members, who vote on issues pertaining to the goals of the organization. The main point of contact is the Executive Director, who is an employee of the Chamber and works to drive the mission forward in his/her daily activity.

To learn more about the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors, please visit the Team Page.

I want to support the chamber, but I don't own a business. Can I still be a member?

You have two options to support the Chamber if you are not a business owner:

  1. You can become a member under the Individual/Personal category. This will provide you with some of the perks of traditional membership such as attending meetings and training.
  2. You can donate to the Chamber. This helps to support our continuing efforts to build our local economy and support local businesses, but does not come with the benefits of traditional membership. Donations are tax deductible.
How much is a membership?

It depends on the size of the organization. The bulk of our memberships range from $125-155. This is the smaller business rate per year. Larger companies have higher fees due to the increased number of employees. 

Registration & Renewal

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay online via credit card or pay by check. If you would like to make things as simple as possible, you can select an annual recurring membership and we’ll bill your credit card automatically at the time of renewal!

What sort of information to I need to have ready in order to begin my membership?

In order to set up your account, you will need the following information at a minimum:

  • Business Name, address and phone number
  • Designated contact name, email address and phone number
  • Business category and number of full-time employees
  • A credit card (or pay by check)

After setting up your account with these basic details you will be able to add more specific information about your business, its services, special offers, logo, etc.

Member Benefits

Why should I join the Chamber?

In short, if you own a business who see the value in a thriving community, with a healthy and stable business sector, you should join the chamber. It is our mission to serve the businesses of Yuma in any way possible.

How does the Chamber help my business?

It depends on the type of business being run. For example, the retail and food industries benefit most directly because Chamber events are designed to literally get people in the door, to shop. Other businesses benefit more indirectly.

When you support your chamber (financially) you are putting money back into the community, in order to make it an enjoyable place to live, and also give businesses a resource to collaborate and build.

Do Chamber members receive additional benefits in addition to being listed in the directory?

Yes! With our new website, every Chamber member now has access to some awesome tools to give you greater return on your investment in the Chamber:

  • Customized Listings: You now have the ability to customize the information shown in the directory from your own member dashboard. You can attach your own logo and other images, as well as customize your message to site visitors.
  • Member Deals: You can create your own deals and special offers that will be displayed on our Member Deals page.
  • Member Events: Members now have the ability to create their own events and post them to the Chamber’s Event Calendar. You can even manage event registration and accept payments taking advantage of the Chamber’s online payment processing.
Does the Chamber offer any training or networking opportunities to members?

Yes! We have regular meetings among members to dicuss what’s happening within the Chamber and area businesses. These meetings offer an excellent opportunity to network and develop valuable relationships with other business owners.

We also offer regular training classes on various topics of interest to our members. Check out the Event Calendar page to see what’s coming soon!


How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership directly from your member account dashboard at any time, or call the office and speak to the Executive Director.

Are membership dues refundable if I cancel my membership mid-year?

No. We invest all of our annual membership dues back into the Chamber for resources and programs that are valuable to our members. As such, we are unable to provide refunds of membership dues.

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