It is finally Friday! You know what that means, it’s time to announce our Featured Business of the week. This week, we are going to tell you more about our beloved groomer and her business —  Wags and Whiskers. If you have a furry friend, you are most definitely going to want to grab your cup of coffee and learn more about the various services that you can take advantage of. 

About Wags & Whiskers

Wags and Whiskers opened their doors July 5th of 2016. Amanda Miller, owner of Wags and Whiskers, moved to Yuma in December of 2015 with her husband —  a Yuma native — and her five sons. Her family has been her squad of cheerleaders as she navigates her business, but her husband is without a doubt her biggest supporter. 

Having years of experience in a handful of fields, Amanda saw the need for a grooming and pet care provider here in Yuma. Her two favorite services to offer are grooming and training, which just so happen to be two things she does incredibly well. 

“I grew up around all kinds of animals, and from an early age I loved the training part of it.”

When you walk into Wags and Whiskers, you can’t help but notice the love that Amanda has for animals. Aside from the grooming, boarding, and training services that you can take advantage of at Wags and Whiskers, Amanda is also involved with rescue programs. 

Since moving to Yuma County, she has rescued and rehomed over 50 dogs and cats. In the instances of some, that means taking these animals off the street or out of a bad home, grooming them, and giving them the love and attention that they need until they find a new home. It is not easy work and can take months of dedication to get a dog to a place where they’re ready to be adopted. Even so, Amanda takes on this challenge and puts in the time to get these dogs to a happy and healthy place.

“There is nothing better than doing what I absolutely love!”

The amount of care that Wags and Whiskers offers is something that only the biggest of hearts can provide. When you get the chance to work with Amanda and watch her interact with the animals, you immediately know that you’re leaving your pet with someone you can trust. 

Services Offered

Wags and Whiskers offers a wide range of services for a variety of animals. Some of those services include:

  • Grooming for Dogs, Cats & Rabbits
  • Doggy Daycare & Socialization Monday – Friday
  • Non-Traditional Dog Boarding 24/7
  • In-Home Pet Care & Pet Sitting for all types of animals (goats, horses, etc.)
  • Canine Behavior Training
  • Puppy Obedience
  • Taxi Service if you can’t get your dog to the store or home
  • Holistic dog and cat foods for sale
  • Holistic treats for sale
  • CBD products for animals

Upcoming Promotions

Wags and Whiskers typically has a monthly special. They also offer daycare packages that include a few free days of doggy daycare plus grooming which, as a pet owner, you can’t deny is a great deal. If you have pets and you’re interested in making the most of the services that are available at Wags and Whiskers, make sure to follow them on Facebook where you can keep tabs on the promotions they have going on. 

Visit Wags & Whiskers

Wags and Whiskers has been a member of the Yuma Chamber of Commerce since March this year. We are so grateful for the various services that are offered at Wags and Whiskers, but we are so much more grateful for the passion that Amanda has. If you have a pet that is need of grooming, socializing, training, or some doggy daycare while you’re in the office, look no further than Wags and Whiskers. Visit their Facebook page to schedule your services.

Contact Info for Wags & Whiskers

Address: 213 S. Main St., Yuma, Colorado 80759

Phone: (970) 683-9218