September 9, 2019 — A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center of Northeast Colorado now offers walk-in hours at our Yuma location at 529 N Albany Street, Quintech Room 1205 on Mondays 3 – 5 pm (and by appointment). Due to a high volume of need, the awareness and availability of volunteers with a desire to help, and the generosity of a local ministry partner, Don Smith, A Caring Pregnancy will provide hours every week for free and private services in Yuma on a walk-in basis for women concerned with challenges while pregnant.

Free and private services include: pregnancy test, one-on-one emotional support throughout pregnancy and beyond, referrals within the community, options consultation, physician and adoption referrals, infant clothing and items, and parenting guidance to wrap around services.

“The goal is to provide hope to those who may be hurting and feel they cannot sustain a pregnancy and see no viable, healthy way out of their current circumstances,” states Executive Director, Faye Barnhart, who has been with the organization since 2015. “No young person needs to face pregnancy alone, feel lost in her secret, or without hope for her future.”

A Caring Pregnancy comes alongside women and their families with empathy and compassion in a non-judgmental, private setting to work through the diverse emotions and realities of a woman’s pregnancy, find her strengths, and wrap around resources that can help her get back on her feet in the healthiest way possible.

A Caring Pregnancy also congratulates Kiley Rose, a longtime volunteer with the Pregnancy Center, as the new volunteer Site Director for Yuma.

In addition, A Caring Pregnancy offers relationship education for classrooms, youth groups, and the community to help students make healthy choices for optimal wellness.

We appreciate the support of the Yuma community in offering this valuable, free service.
Faye Barnhart, BA, LAS, SRAS
Executive Director
Cell: (970) 768-6823