This month’s Business of the Month goes to a business that we can’t imagine Yuma without: Shop All, Inc. Our local grocery store is a place that all of has been to at least once. For most of us, we’re at Shop All at least once a week. So, it goes without saying that we needed to recognize these hard workers and incredible business for all that they contribute to our community. So, without further ado, let’s dive into a little bit more about Shop All so that you can learn more about this wonderful business that is without-a-doubt a staple for our little town. 

Shop-All in Yuma opened its doors on August 23rd, 1959. Since opening, the store has undergone countless remodels and is currently a 21,000 square foot store. While Shop-All is the go-to place for fresh produce and grocery basics, there are so many other things that you can enjoy at the store. For starters, Shop-All has an incredible deli selection that offers fresh cuts of meat and some delicious ready-to-go dinner options. Aside from a deli with a wide variety of options, Shop-All also offers a leased pharmacy right in store. 

“They were a pioneer of sorts in the rural area as the grocery store also housed a pharmacy with over the counter medications and gifts”, said Butch Berry, one of the owners of Shop-All. 

Shop-All has everything that you could need, and they’ve certainly been a pioneer in the various amenities that they’ve brought to our small town in rural Colorado. Having said all of that, one of the best parts about Shop-All are the individuals that work there. 

Shop-All has been with a number of suppliers over the years. Starting with AG of Denver, Colorado, then Affiliated Foods Midwest, followed by AWG, which led them to their current supplier: Affiliated Foods Amarillo. 

In 1997, the current owner – Jim Vincent – decided that he wanted to sell the store to his employees. He was successful in that endeavor and the store is currently employee-owned. Shop All currently employs over 50 full and part time individuals, many of whom are also owners and board members to Shop-All of Yuma. 

Shop-All prides itself on great customer service and friendliness. If you’ve visited the store, then you know this to be true! I can’t think of a time where I’ve walked in and haven’t had someone greet me or an employee pass me and say hello – the staff at Shop-All are THE BEST. It’s easy to see why once you understand the amount of leadership these employees take on as owners of this business. 

“We have an awesome team of players throughout the store and they have definitely been put to the test over the last month and a half. They have been amazing at their jobs and deserve a great big pat on the back for the job that they’ve done,” said Butch. 

Shop-All has always been a pioneer, and they continue to lead the way for our small town. Recently, Shop-All signed up to become an online retailer are looking forward to this new endeavor. Through this new platform, Shop-All will be able to provide even more options to their valued customers. As someone who works closely with small businesses, it is always exciting to watch a business pivot and try something new – I can’t wait to see what this new means of serving the community looks like. 

Of course, the quality of food and service, there are so many ways that Shop-All gives back to Yuma. From sponsoring our youth sports to hosting events, the Yuma Chamber of Commerce genuinely cannot imagine what our town would look like without Shop-All – and we hope we never have to!

“We always look forward to our Anniversary Sales out in the parking lot, roasting fresh chilies, and selling fresh Rocky Ford produce. We sincerely appreciate everyone who shops with us in the community and will continue to support our community in every way we can.”

With the last couple of weeks bringing quite a bit of demand for supplies and change in regards to safety regulations and the like, we’ve had the fortune of hearing some incredible stories of our community also stepping up to support our beloved grocery store. Below are just a few of the wonderful stories that I got the opportunity to hear. 

“One customer anonymously sent an envelope with $200 cash and told us to use it for the staff as we see fit. Another anonymous customer brought in 54 $30 gift cards, part to Paper Moon and part to The Tumbleweed Brewery. A third anonymous person gave us $2,000 to credit on an account and for us to use for people that we knew needed assistance with buying groceries.”

How incredible! To Shop-All – thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do for our community. From the bottom of our hearts, we love you!